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Urban League Young Professionals
Greather Southwestern Ohio

Empowering Communities & Changing Live as young professionals in Cincinnati

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  • Work closely with the Director of Marketing and Communications to aid with the chapters social media pages, marketing efforts and create marketing material for events.
  • Contact Jarvis  - directormarketing@ulypgso.org  

Civil Engagement


  • Support the activities of the Civic Engagement Chair
  • Help create programs that keep members civically engaged.
  • Contact Aharon -  civicengagementgc@ulypgso.org   

Community Engagement


  • Support the activities of the Community Involvement Chair;
  • Help plan volunteering opportunties for the chapter
  • Contact Nyirah -   communitygc@ulypgso.org

Professional and Leadership Development


  • Support the activities of the Professional and Leadership Development Chair
  • Help plan activities and events geared around development of chapter members and the community.
  • Contact Chantel -  leadershipgc@ulypgso.org 



  •  Support the activities of the Membership Chairs;
  • Plan networking activities for the chapter
  • Plan social events to increase engagement 
  • Contact - Stacey  or Michael membership@ulypgso.org



  • Ensure that all fundraising is sanctioned by Affiliate leadership;
  • Work closely with the treasurer and support the activities of the Fundraising Committee; 
  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure that all financial policies and procedures are properly enforced and are in compliance with the Affiliate’s policies;
  • Submit all collected monies to the Treasurer for proper and timely recording 
  • Contact Michael B. -   treasurer@ulypgso.org